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देना है जीना प्राजेक्ट

What is it?

The Givin' is Livin' Project originally began as an effort to help the impoverished throughout the Bay Area. This aspect of the project is aimed towards Banganga, Mumbai. Banganga is one of the largest impoverished and economically neglected communities within the city of Mumbai. Banganga is home to numerous people that work as servants, chauffeurs, cooks, washermen etc. Most of the children within this community attend municipal school where the poor quality of education hinders their ability to be successful and one day make their dreams a reality. Some are unable to attend school altogether because they have to go out and work to help earn for their families or stay home and take care of their siblings while their parents go out to earn for the family. 

How can you help?

Givin' Is Livin is launching a new and improved version of its vision soon. While there are no products currently on sale, you can help by donating to the cause via the Donate tab located above. More updates will be posted soon.